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summer Works of art


I used to paint years ago when my children were young. As they say, I ‘dabbled in oils’ for a short time. In 2001, on my 60th birthday, my children decided to set me on the right track back to painting and presented me with all of the art supplies I would need to start painting once again. It took me three years to begin using them. 

Then I found abstraction, and I love it. Abstraction allows me to fully express my inner self. This art form has helped me to explore my innermost creative abilities and let the results flow onto a canvas – and I have now taught myself to let go, not hold back. 

This art form allows a freedom of expression, and a constant exploration of my innermost feelings. I love colour, and I love what it does for a canvas! Now I approach my art with an air of excitement and challenge. I let my soul take over my hands and free my emotions. My visions of colour, flowing lines and texture enhance my senses and fill them with rainbow dreams. I believe in a lot of ways, that colour expresses the soul!! I work with acrylics only, and stretch my own canvases. I encourage everyone to look into my paintings and find their emotions from delving into the colour and expressive lines there!

I currently am involved with a group of my fellow artists. We work together on a regular basis and give each other strength and confidence, and the gentle push that is often needed to go forth into this new world of art at this age. 

I am also a member of The Arts West Society in Surrey, B.C., The Langley Arts Council, as well as the Surrey Arts Council.

I sincerely hope that you can enjoy my artwork, whether you are into abstraction or not – let your soul search out the possibilities.

Mardi Zipursky